Certified Cleaning Professional - CCPr


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Certified Cleaning Professional - CCPr

Acta, recognizing the need for today's skilled professionals in the cleaning bussiness, created a pioneering certification, allowing those already working in the private or public sector and those wishing to start their career in this field, to gain an advantage that will increase their competitiveness in the labor market and will also lay the groundwork for a successful career.

CCPr among others certifies that the candidate is in a position to:

  • Know the application range of professional cleaning
  • Analyze the basic principles of ecology, recycling materials and using environmentally friendly products
  • Know the health and safety rules and the Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Know and apply the rules for safe handling of machinery and professional cleaning equipment
  • Operates effectively with professional detergents
  • Know and take all means of protection and security when using all the disposables cleaning materials
  • Know the basic characteristics and qualities of professional cleaning machines
  • Know and apply the verification procedures of the surfaces of his responsibility area
  • Know basic rules and procedures of working with people present
  • Know and implement procedures for qualitative and quantitative control
Candidates are evaluated in both oral and practical examination. Successful completion of the examination procedure leads to certification.

Candidates are assessed both an oral and practical examination. In practical examination, the candidate is assessed in the application of a scenario that includes the evaluation of his skills and abilities in performing this task, related to the subject of the certification. In the oral examination the candidate is assessed on 5 question, related to the purpose of certification. The duration of practical and oral examination is 15 minutes. Success rate 70%. Successful completion of the examination process leads to certification.


"Cleanliness is half of nobility"

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