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Certified Spa Specialist - CSS

ACTA, recognizing the need of modern job market for specialized professionals in the sector of spa, created the innovative certification “Certified Spa Specialist” which gives the opportunity not only to those who already work to a beauty center or physiotherapy center but also to those who want to start a career in this sector, to acquire a strong paper that will increase their competitiveness in the job market and also will lay the groundwork for a successful career.

"CSS" is a certification that offers to its holder:

  • Valid proof of the knowledge required for practicing his/her profession
  • Improvement of the quality of offered services
  • Acquisition of an additional asset needed for professional success
The examination process is divided into two separate parts, consisting of written examination and practical examination. In written examination, the candidate is asked to answer 25 closed-ended questions. In practical examination, the candidate is asked to apply two scenarios, similar to the field of study of this certification. Duration of written examination: 45 minutes. Duration of practical examination: 15 minutes. Success rate in written examination: 50%. Success rate in practical examination: 50%. The candidate obtains the certification only if he/she completes successfully both phases of examination process.
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