Certified Adults Trainer for Secretaries Management Assistants & Professional Secretaries - CAT for SMA & PS

CAT-SMA & PSCertified Adults Trainer for Secretaries Management Assistants & Professional Secretaries (CAT for SMA & PS)

ACTA, spin-off of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, aiming at upgrading the specialized qualifications of adult educators in the field of “Secretary Management Assistant”, created the Certification “Certified Adults Trainer for Secretaries Management Assistants & Professional Secretaries” (CAT for SMA & PS).


This program is based on relevant education programs of foreign “Secretaries” schools. The purpose of this innovative Specialized Training Program, which is based on University programs for Secretarial Schools abroad, is to cover with modern learning tools and visual means the gap that lies in effective training of Secretary Management Assistants in the Greek market.

Upon successful completion of the program, the trainees after evaluation will have acquired the “Certified Adults Trainer for Secretaries Management Assistants & Professional Secretaries” (CAT for SMA & PS) certification from ACTA allowing them to teach in educational institutions, LAEK educational programs and Centers of Liberal Studies.

Objectives of the training programs are the adult educators in the field “Secretary Management Assistant & Professional Secretaries ” who will participate in the program to:

  • Obtain all the necessary knowledge of the principles, functions and tools of contemporary creative open-Management in the modern business environment of risk, uncertainty, changes and crises.
  • Realize the semantics of lasting business values (vision, culture, creativity, innovation, social responsibility, perpetual success) on which the whole management-secretary support is based.
  • Consolidate analytically the practice of designing and organizing the basic and auxiliary work of management-secretary support.
  • Be fully informed throughout the range of abilities-skills and standard emotional behavior.
  • Fully understand the diffusion methodology of the emotional leader standard in intelligent management-secretary support, which is evident in daily working practice and makes the Secretary Management Assistants “competitively coveted” by Organizations/Businesses.


Everyone who has attended the Adult Training Course Program or has proven working experience (approximately 300 hours) can participate in this program. In the latter case, it is mandatory to follow the introductory Certified Specialties Trainers Certification program which lasts 16 hours.

The potential candidates for Certified Adult Trainer Certification Program in the sector of “Secretaries Management Assistant and Professional Secretaries” must be:

  1. Business School Graduates
  2. Science Management School Graduates
  3. Economics School Graduates
  4. Secretarial School Graduates
  5. Master's Degree Holders (MBA & RESPECTIVE)


The training programs instructors are specialized instructors, with years of experience in adult education in the field of “Secretary Management Assistant and Professional Secretaries”.

Academic in charge of educational programs is Mr. Tzannis Elias, Administrative, Economics and Regional MSc, Business Consultant on Management/Education issues and Instructor of specialized educational Programs.

DURATION – ORGANIZATION The Educational Course has a total duration of 58 hours and is implemented in two rounds of teaching:

1st round

  • 1st topic: Secretary’s differentiation and classification criteria in the Greek business environment.
  • 2nd topic: Greek and international business practice, relating to organization, staffing and operation of Secretary’s position.
  • 3rd topic: Ethics and deontology of Secretary’s profession.
  • 4th topic: Knowledge, participation and commitment of Secretaries in the framework of lasting corporate values.
  • 5th topic: Prerequisites in terms of business unit, places, equipment, software, safety & hygiene conditions for Secretaries.
  • 6th topic: Tools for Planning Secretary’s Office: S.W.O.T. Analysis, Benchmarking, Outsourcing Analysis, Telework.
  • 7th topic: Secretariat Office Organization: Mission, responsibilities, job description and specifications, work distinction.
  • Exercises, Scenarios.

2nd round

  • 1st topic: Secretariat Office Management: Within core responsibilities and obligations of supervisor, methodology of delegating responsibilities, obligations and evaluating the Secretary.
  • 2nd topic: Modern management tools of management-secretary support: Risk, Change, Crisis, Project, Total Quality, Time & Stress Management.
  • 3rd topic: Emotional, Neurolinguistic, Leadership Standard and its influence on the evolution of secretary.
  • 4th topic: Secretariat Office Control
  • Exercises, Scenarios.


Trainees, after the training in Secretarial Studies which are related to the certification field “Secretaries Management Assistants”, will be examined in specific questionnaires which will show the degree of understanding of the themes of the training program.

By the end of the Educational Program “Training of Adults’ instructors”, the micro-teaching presentation for evaluation will follow, lasting 20 minutes, the theme of which will have to be relevant to the subject of the training in the abovementioned field of specialization.

The successful examination of the questionnaires and the presentation of the issue of micro-teaching lead to obtaining the “Certified Adult Trainer for Secretaries Management Assistants & Professional Secretaries” Certification (CAT for SMA & PS).

In the evaluation process are involved/participate the Supervisor Tutor Advisor as the 1st assessor and an experienced trainer-assessor on behalf of ACTA. The 1st and 2nd assessor after cooperation come to a final decision regarding the performance of the trainee and in case the 2 assessors reach a consensus on scores A, B and C for each evaluated this person may qualify for certification by ACTA and obtain the CAT certificate for SMA & PS.

The presentation of the micro-teaching is videotaped for maintaining a record and all the necessary privacy conditions are met.

Certification Cost : 220 €

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