Certified Kids Educator - CKE

Certified Kids Educator (CKE) certification.

The certification program Certified Kids Educator (CKE) is conducted in Greek by certified instructors at certified examination centers. ACTA has sole responsibility for evaluating and certifying the instructors of the centers who will then undertake the process of initial assessment of the candidates for the position of minors' instructors.

The learning material helps ensuring the reliable and successful training of every candidate or potential minors’ instructor, whether teaching in a nursery, kindergarten or computer schools in children’ s programs, even to mass audiences or smaller groups of trainees.

The original method of obtaining skills develops the necessary dexterities of the minors’ instructor and improves his/her performance based on standards established by International Organizations.

The Certified Kids Educator (CKE) certification strengthens the integrity of teaching. It is a certification applicable to professional nursery teachers or minors’ instructors. Through the Certified Kids Educator (CKE) certification, in-depth knowledge of basic skills of minors’ instructors such as: preparation for learning, minors’ instructors skills, ways of teaching to minors, behavior of the teacher, instructional techniques, methods to address problematic attitudes, phobias, lesson plans and conceptual mapping, are recognized and appreciated.

Certified minors' instructors offer high quality educational services to learners and/or minors’ instructors candidates, while employers understand that certified professional trainers attach great value to their organization.

Candidates who wish to participate in the Certified Kids Educator (CKE) certification program, are evaluated orally (video) and in writing (portfolio) on issues related to the educational/didactic part of their skills.

The workshops are conducted using practical exercises and role-playing in simulated teaching and learning conditions.

The program consists of two Certification Workshops as described below:

CKE certification

A Professional Certification Program for minors’ instructors. It concerns all those who have attended an Introductory Instructors Training Seminar or have adequate and proven professional experience in teaching minors and wish to be professional minors’ instructors.

The duration of the Certification Workshop is 24 hours of traditional face-to-face instruction in class and 56 hours work-study.

Objectives of Certification Program

The objective of the Certified Kids Educator (CKE) Certification Programs is to evaluate the educational skills of minors’ instructors candidates.

Upon successful completion of the Certified Kids Educator (CKE) certification, candidates will have taken a major step towards being an effective instructor and consultant of minors.

To whom it is addressed to

It is addressed to all educators-teachers-kindergarten teachers who wish to:

  • Update their knowledge and techniques
  • Achieve teaching competence, reliability and efficient performance in their work.
  • Promote and ensure the learning and the teacher-student relationships.

The successful attending of the certification program leads to acquiring the “Professional Certification for Teaching Minors”.

The Evaluation Procedure

Candidates for Certified Kids Educator (CKE) certification are evaluated based on Internationally Recognized Standards and must demonstrate high levels of performance in: teaching skills, classroom performance and above all very good communication skills.

The evaluation of candidates in the Certification Programs is in two parts which should be completed successfully.

The first part is a videotaped micro-teaching in the classroom during the certification process, lasting 20 minutes, where the candidate must demonstrate their teaching and communication skills. For the videotaping, each candidate must create a lesson plan in cooperation with the Assessor of the Certification Workshop.

The second part consists of a work portfolio, in which the candidate is required/called to prove their knowledge of educational issues and their confrontation.


  • Learning disabilities
  • Sleep and children
  • Children self-esteem
  • Psychological tests & IQ tests
  • Concerning Behaviors
  • Standards of conduct
  • Child and punishment
  • Developmental stages of children
  • The role of the father
  • The role of the teacher in the management of childhood as a “construction” during the evolution of modern society
  • Language
  • Reading ability
  • Socio-emotional development
  • Emotions in the classroom are always present
  • The atmosphere at school
  • Understanding child behavior

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