ACTA has designed modern certifications in specialized subjects in every domain of information technology. For more information about the certifications choose one of the following categories.

DESIGN   -   Design and create with your PC.

Photoshop: CGD, Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop

Illustrator, Corel Draw: CVD

Frontpage, Dreamweaver: CWD, Adobe Web Communication Using Dreamweaver

Flash: Rich Media Communication using Adobe Flash

Quark Xpress : CDP

3DStudio MAX: CTGD

IT   -   Initiate yourself in programming and information.

Visual Basic, C/C++, Pascal, Pseudocode: CCP


Data Bases: CDBD

Information Systems Security: CISP

Moodle: CELM

Joomla: Infotest Certified Joomla Specialist

Δίκτυα   -   Networks - Get certified in telecommunications and PC networking.

MTA, HP ATA, CTNP, CWNP, CCITEE, CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals


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