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Certified Front Office Professional (CFOP)

The quality service of tourists in the reception accommodation department is an essential ingredient for the sustainability of businesses. Within a frame of fierce competition, the CFOM certification concerns all jobs in the “Front Office” and the accommodation businessmen.

The CFOM covers the contemporary hotel product and is a strong asset in the tourist market, certifying the knowledge and ability of the holders in providing services at the forefront of tourist facilities.

The extent of knowledge that the CFOM covers, makes it necessary for each reception employee without being required prior working experience or relative degree.

The candidate is asked to answer 10 closed-ended questions and 10 short-answer questions. Duration of examination: 60 minutes. Success rate: 70%.

"The traveler is always the one that has more value in one trip. "
~Andre Suares~ | (French Writer) | 1868–1948

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