Certified Professional Housekeeper - CPH


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 Certified Professional Housekeeper - CPH

In the area of professional housekeeping, the dominant element that makes one stand out is the knowledge and skills combined with excellent communication with customers, understanding, and pleasant personality.

ACTA, fully understanding the importance of certified knowledge in the modern labor market has created an innovative certification for Greek standards, "Certified Professional Housekeeper" (CPH).

CPH is addressed to those wishing to start their career in housekeeping, desiring to work in hotel companies operating in both urban centers and in summer or winter resorts. And also directed at experienced professionals who can certify the knowledge they have acquired over the years on this subject.

Candidates are assessed both an oral and practical examination. In practical examination, the candidate is assessed in the application of a scenario that includes the evaluation of his skills and abilities in performing this task, related to the subject of the certification. In the oral examination the candidate is assessed on 5 question, related to the purpose of certification. The duration of practical and oral examination is 15 minutes. Success rate 70%. Successful completion of the examination process leads to certification.


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