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This program’s goal is the professional support and designation of Executive Chef’s specialty that complies with specified quality rules. The certified person is responsible for all the operations of the kitchen environment. In addition to that his responsibility also lays in the maximum performance of the kitchen and in his capability to fairly distribute all tasks among his staff according to a specific time schedule.

To whom it refers to

CChE refers to experienced professional Executive Chefs, who have now the possibility to certify the knowledge they have obtained throughout the years of their occupation on the profession. Participation requirement in the examination process is fifteen years of working experience.

The candidate is called to answer to 16 development questions. Examination duration is 60 minutes. Success percentage 70%


“The discovery of a new dish contributes more to human success
from the discovery of a new star”

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin | Γάλλος περιώνυμος μπον βιβέρ | 1755-1826

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